Welcome To Willow Chance Ranch

Willow Chance Ranch located in the scenic foot hills of Beach City, Texas near the edge of Texas' beautiful caost line to the Gulf of Mexico , Our house and vintage post and beam barn sits on a quiet dirt road with new englands rock walls, open fields and wood lands surrounding. You could not ask for a better place to live or visit. We bought this farm six years ago and love the location. The original house was only 20x24 we started building a 24x24 addition with the help of family and friends as the funds allow. This renovation of our home is not finished, but a joy to see an old farm like itself being restored and brought back to life. We are a husband and wife team. Together we share a love for family, animals, the land and farming. Johnathan is the third generation in his family breed, raise and selling registered belgain draft horses. Our draft horses are used for farm work such as spreading manure, plowing the garden, harrowing the fields, logging for our heat in the home & fire wood sale,s ect.

Have you hugged a horse lately?

Our program promotes confidence and builds self-esteem while you learn to work with and ride horses in a fun, relaxed yet professional atmosphere. We will start off by teaching you horsemanship skills. How to work with horses safely and naturally by gaining their trust using love, language and leadership. These tools will help you be safe and confident throughout your journey of developing in horsemanship. This is a hands on program that you have the potential to learn many different aspects of the equine world including but not limited to Natural Horsemanship, feeding, cleaning, grooming, handling, fitting, saddling and harnessing these beautiful animals. We will be teaching western riding, starting our beginner riders in a fenced ring area and progress to trail riding for those interested. We can also teach you how to drive horses, weather it is for pleasure driving, farm work or show. In working as partners with a horse you will find a friendship form. For many people, horses are a wonderful therapy tool. Let us know how we can help you reach your dreams. We look forward to playing horse with you!

Come As Guests; Leave As Friends


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