R.I.P. January  29, 2007

I have been blessed to have had Quest for 16 years.  He left me on January 29, 2007 at 20 years old.  This gelding was the most amazing horse I could ever have been lucky enough to own.  He and I connected in a way that many did not amazing listener he had an affinity for helping people learn to love horses.  He and I had many terrific memories...he even moved to Ohio with me and then back again when I became too homesick.  He helped me thru bad times and was there for the good times.  Everyone that met Quest loved him.  He was not your typical arab...he was quiet and calm.  Boy was he fast too!  In Ohio we would frequently race cowboys there and we would most always win...of course they would say we cheated...but the reality was Quest was fast as all get out and he liked to win.  :)  I miss him more than I can explain and am comforted knowing he will always be with me and that his visits in my dreams will never leave me.  I can only wish everyone would be as lucky as I was in finding a horse as terrific as the amazing Quest.

i love you


I adopted Cheyenne (ChiChi or Cheech) in August of 2006 from NLER (New Life Equine Rescue)  Her momma was a half Belgian half Quarter horse that had been rescued from a PMU farm.  (NOTE:  PMU stands for Pregnant Mare is used to make synthetic hormone replacement for menopausal women.  Often a draft horse mare is impregnated for the purpose of urine collection.  Once the mare has her foal, the foal is often killed.  Until the practice is regulated, foals will die.) 

Luckily Rosie was rescued prior to Cheyenne's birth.  Cheyenne was born at NLER.  The first time I saw her I was in love.  This filly is quiet and sweet.  Cheyenne turned 4 this year and we have been having tons of fun learning how to be a big girl horse.  We have started Cheyenne under saddle this year with some light riding and will increase her workload when she turns 5.  We have been having a great time and I look forward to tons of hours on the back of this wonderful filly...unless Mark steals her from me first.


Seti is our grandma on the farm...although to ride her you would never know it.  This little arab mare is full of spitfire...who'd have thought when I decided to get Mark an older horse to learn to ride on, that she would end up being our most peppy mount.  Seti came to us when her owner moved to Georgia to attend college.  Wanting only to find a good home for her beloved mare she offered Seti for free to a good home.  Luckily we came along.  Seti has captured our hearts and delights us every day with her antics and mare faces


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